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"The Earth is not dying - it is being killed.
And the people who are killing it
have names and addresses."
- U. Utah Phillips


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Carvi Resource LibraryToday, at an instant push of a button we can communicate across the continents, but at the same time are getting aloof from the adjacent neighbours of the 'co-operative' housing societies. Our future generation growing up behind closed doors watching bash of song and dance shows on TV, day in and day out. The overflowing market with hundreds of newer goods increasing each day and decreasing real values of life.

We are envisaging newer horizons in life but we are probably detaching ourselves with our surrounding nature where we live in and are an inseparable part. May be as the life has become more commercial where everybody is after the 'happiness' which can be bought by money, as a result we are becoming least bothered about the imbalance of the nature around us.

Coming from a traditional family and brought up in an environment where ethics of life was a part of upbringing, the deep rooted values gave us an impetus to start an activity which could bridge us with the society. This germ gave birth to Carvi Resource Library.

Carvi FlowersCarvi a perennial shrub found in the ranges of Sahyadri blooms once in only seven years and it is useful to mankind in several ways, such as it is useful in stomach ailments, it acts as a blood purifier, its stems are used by adivasis to build their houses, its honey is considered a rarity. It is also a food plant for larvae of a unique and unusual butterfly called Blue Oakleaf found in mix deciduous forest and is a perfect example of camouflage which has an appearance of a dry leaf. The name thus we thought apt for our resource library.

Coming from a printing profession, books were never aliens and going close to nature was an instinct. Association with local nature activities and experimenting with agricultural field as well as interaction with children and understanding their world in today’s context through Khel Ghar underlined the need to have better communication with them. This gave us the spark to enter the endeavour where we could try to understand the world within as well as outside.

At Carvi the prime focus is nature, where one will find an variety of books from stories, expeditions to scientific data based reference books. To balance this, informative books related to various subjects in English as well as Marathi along with Marathi classic novels makes the library a resourceful place.

Carvi Resource LibraryAs an extension of our literary activity we promote books from non commercial publishers like Centre for Environment Education, National Book Trust, Vigyan Prasar, Dnyanprabodhini, Centre for Science & Environment, Children's Book Trust, Pratham Books & so on. We have a special section where you can buy these books. These books are not only reasonable but every single book is worth reading from students to elders like.

As an effort to let people understand issues regarding environment & implications of today's consumerism, we offer on demand paid-up subscription of 'Gatiman Santulan' a monthly newsletter in Marathi which emphasises the importance of environment friendly lifestyle & 'Down To Earth' magazine, a English fortnightly covering current issues on environment with a supplement for children.

We are confident that given a right impetus our aspiring younger generations could scale newer heights on the untrodden paths of nature and environment through various career opportunities available, rather than becoming a sheep of the herd.

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