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" If we leave enough places in the world:
where silence is not broken with our noises,
where space is not altered with our objects,
where evolution is not interrupted with our progresses,
where misery is not consolidated because of our greeds,
we will be worthy of being part of the shared miracle of life".
- Manfred Max-Neaf


Carvi Resource Library :: Facilities Carvi is a circulating library. Member can carry home book of their choice. They can also opt for home delivery service by paying nominal monthly charges. List of books at the library is available on website. (Soft copy on C.D. or printed copy will be made available to members upon request and on paying nominal charges). Member can request the book of their choice and upon availability will be delivered to them on weekly basis as per predefined days for different areas of the city.

Members not opting for home delivery can change the books as and when required by personally visiting the library maximum twice a week. There are different categories to choose to suit the requirement  of an individual. It starts from Students Special Plan as low as Rs.50/- per month for students upto Std.10th, where they can take two books at a time from our specified stock, up to a Family Plan with a combination of 4 books at a time, including a magazine and a children book.

As for Carvi Special we have a section of reference books in English and Marathi, generally related to variety of subjects and specifically on nature and environment. Regular member have free access to this section but non members can also avail this facility. (Refer Membership Plan for details). We have made arrangement for library reading for this section.

Members opting for subscription for six months or twelve months have advantage of handsome discount in membership fees.
Carvi Resource Library :: Display Board

A large display board welcomes the member as they enter the library. It serves as a quick information source on various topics through posters, pin-ups, quotes and current news and articles related to nature and environment. You can also keep yourself updated with latest views, news and information through our Resources section on website where you will also find useful links to various websites as well as articles on environment and literature.

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