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"Because we don't think about future generations,
they will never forgive us."
- Henrik Tikkanen



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More than material happiness in life, a human being needs mental happiness which is easily accomplished by being near to nature and through enriched literature.

Carvi Resource LibraryWe hardly recollect about the programme seen couple of days back on television but we certainly recollect so many things that we have read in past. Such is the power of reading, which has also been confirmed by science.

The main objective of the library is not just limited to let people have access to the literary world of books alone, but in a broader aspect, elevate ourselves above fiction and fantasy reading, though it is certainly a stepping stone towards the book world. Thus, keeping this in view the inclination of the library is more as a resource combined with pleasure reading.

The aim to focus nature and environment is primarily to let people understand the importance of our natural surroundings for our well being, as the price we are paying due to our negligence and ignorance of it, is leading us at such a stage where our survival is at stake.

To supplement this, screening of documentaries & films generally on nature and environment is done for members as well as non members every month. Our effort in future will be combined with various activities to make the younger generation aware of this reality.


Collection of books at CarviThe reference books cover almost every aspect of nature. Be it Birds, Marine life, Rocks and Minerals, Shells, Mammals, Reptiles, Flowers, Agriculture, Continents, Celestial objects and so on.

Our other books cover a range of subjects comprising of informative and resourceful books which gives a reader pleasure of substance and in depth reading.

Though we understand the importance of internet in today’s e-world, yet it cannot substitute printed words and the books which represent them.

Similar is the case with periodicals. The collections of magazines we have are rarely found at news paper stalls. They are dedicated to specific subjects like Students, Nature, Environment, Animals, Birdlife, People’s Agitation and good literary magazines.

The Diwali feast includes selected Marathi special diwali issues, which makes the most chunk of reading amongst Marathi people.

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