Centre for Science and Environment


Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) is a public interest research and advocacy organization based in New Delhi. Anil Kumar Agarwal, a renowned environmentalist, who spent his lifetime advocating policies that involve the people in natural resource management, was the founder-director of the CSE.

CSE’s main focus is to research, lobby and communicate the urgency of sustainable and equitable development.

Its efforts are specifically designed to create awareness about problems and propose sustainable solutions. Research at CSE often consists of in-depth learning about an environmental problem and then finding answers in accordance with its core values. 

It aims to raise environmental concerns, participate in seeking answers and transforming these into policy and practice which is done through extensive research and thereby communicating its understanding through its publications.

CSE’s tools for awareness raising are periodicals, publication of books, short films, research papers, exhibitions, posters and so on. These books are available for sale with us.