Vidnyan Prasar


Vigyan Prasar (VP) is an autonomous organization under the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India.

The principal objective of VP is to serve India’s science popularization agenda which is achieved through two – way stakeholder specific approaches to communicate about principles and practice of science and technology and implications for development and quality of life. Science popularization, thus serves as a robust knowledge led tool to fulfill its public policy objectives.

The first is to create and foster a well-informed citizenry. This is with special emphasis on developments in science and technology and the open-endedness and continual evolution of science and related knowledge systems.

The second is about building capacities to communicate through formal and non – formal teaching and learning systems including education and other community centered programs across areas and regions of the country.

The third objective is engagement that follows knowledge enrichment through various media including publications. Various titles published by Vigyan Prasar are available for sale with us.