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Dnyanjagar & Carvi Resource Library
are proud to announce 3rd annual
District Level NBT Book Exhibition.

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Carvi Resource Library

Carvi Resource Library
The main objective of the library is not just limited to let people have access to the literary world of books alone, but in a broader aspect, elevate above fiction and fantasy reading, though novels are certainly a stepping stone towards getting attracted towards book world. Thus, keeping this in view the inclination of the library is more as a resource combined with pleasure reading.

The aim to focus nature and environment is primarily to let people understand the importance of our natural surroundings for our well being, as the price we are paying due to our negligence and ignorance of it, is leading us at such a stage where our survival is at stake.


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What Eminent Personalities Say

Veena Gavankar
Anand Hardikar
Dilip Kulkarni - Poornima Kulkarni