About the Name


Carvi (Carvia callosa) a perennial shrub found in the ranges of Sahyadri, blooms once in only seven years and is useful to mankind in several ways. It is used as a remedy for stomach ailments, it acts as a blood purifier, its stems are used by adivasis to build their houses (कुडाचे घर), as well as its honey, is considered a rarity. It is also a food plant for larvae of a unique butterfly called Blue Oakleaf found in mix deciduous forest. This butterfly is a perfect example of camouflage which has an appearance of a dry leaf. The name thus aptly conveys the combination of rarity and usefulness of our resource library which has a focus on Nature and Environment.

At Carvi, our prime focus is nature, where one can find a variety of books from stories, expeditions to scientific data-based reference books. To balance this, informative books related to various subjects in English as well as Marathi along with classic novels makes the library a resourceful place.

“Man is the most insane species. He worships an

Invisible God and destroys a visible Nature.

Unaware that the Nature he is destroying is this

God he is worshipping.”

                                                       – Hubert Reeves