“I can never be all the people I want and live all the lives I want, I can never train myself in all the skills I want, neither I can experience all the shades and tones of mental and physical experiences… but yes, I can read a book!”

               – Sylvia Plath, an American poet, novelist and short-story writer 


Today, at an instant push of a button we can communicate across the continents, but at the same time are getting aloof from the adjacent neighbours of the ‘co-operative’ housing societies. Most of our future generation growing up behind closed doors, watching bash of song and dance shows on TV, aimlessly surfing on internet and chatting on mobile, all being virtual. The overflowing market with hundreds of newer goods increasing each day and decreasing real values of life.

We are envisaging newer horizons in life but we are probably detaching ourselves with our surrounding nature where we live in and are an inseparable part. May be, as the life and lifestyle both has become more commercial, everybody is after the ‘happiness’ which can be bought by money. As a result we are becoming least bothered about the imbalance of the nature around us.

More than material happiness, a human needs mental happiness in life, this could be thoughtfully accomplished by being near to nature and through enriched literature. 


We are confident that given a right impetus, our aspiring younger generations could pursue a more meaningful life than mere chasing behind career, safe jobs and earning money. They can use their talent to grapple with today’s several social, scientific and environmental challenges around thus leading more purposeful life, rather than becoming a sheep of the herd. To discover oneself and find a life mission one can understand life experiences of people through reading and facing the life head on!

It is said that books open up treasure of knowledge. It is impossible for an individual to get all experiences of life in one’s lifespan. Words have the ability to create and relive the past and envisage the future. Books help explore this world.

Libraries are the thin red line between
Civilization and barbarism”
Neil Gaiman