You just have to visit the library personally and fill-up the registration form. At the time of enrollment, you pay for registration charges (non refundable), security deposit (refundable) & one month fee as per the plan you choose.

Once you have enrolled, the regular plan fee for the successive months has to be paid minimum quarterly (3 Months). You can also pay yearly charges where you get a handsome discount. The fee has to be paid either by cash, cheque or by online payment in advance.

No, you will not be charged extra for late payments but you will not be able to take books until you renew your membership.

If you join the library on any date before 15th day of the current month, full month fee is charged, but if you join after 16th day of the current month half month fees will be charged. The successive renewal will be calculated from 1st of every following month.

You just have to visit the library and inform us accordingly. Upon returning of the books issued to you, you will get the refund of security deposit after deduction, if any, for loss/damage of books and dues if any, of membership fees. There will be no refund of fees for the balance days / month.

You can rejoin the membership any time after you pay for the plan you select and the deposit amount (if you have taken a refund) of the respective plan. You will not be charged for the registration.

You can, upon prior intimation, take a break if the period is more than a month. You will have to return the book/s issued on your name. The period will be considered only from 1st of any month to the last day and so on. The break period will be valid only if it is informed well in advance and will not be considered if informed after the break and if the book issued to the member is in his/her custody. The balance fee will be adjusted for subsequent month/s.

Generally, you should return the book within 8 days, but you can extend the period with prior intimation to the library. Late fee will be charged @ Rs.1/- per day if the book is kept beyond 30 days. In case of home delivery, the books will be changed once every fortnight on a predefined day of the week by library (although you can change the book in between the delivery period by personally visiting the Library). Members not opting for home delivery can change the book/s as and when required by personally visiting the library. There is no limit on number of books you can take in a month.

Members will have to pay additional delivery charges (currently Rs.50.00 per month) if they wish to get home delivery of books. The delivery charges will differ than those indicated if the place of delivery is far off. This facility is only within city limits and will be available if there is sufficient number of members in that area.

The list of books is available on the website.  The member has to select the book from the list and inform the Title or Accession Number to us on phone, SMS or email. We will deliver the books as per the delivery schedule. We generally suggest selecting maximum number of titles of your choice for subsequent deliveries.

Depending upon your plan, you can return the books which are read and retain the balance books. The exchange of books will be done only according to the corresponding books returned.

The books are generally checked periodically and repaired wherever necessary. But we suggest you to check the book at the time of delivery or while taking it from the library. If you find the book is damaged please inform so to the concerned person.

You should inform the library in such a case. The member will have to pay for the damages or loss of the book, amounting to the price of the book plus penalty charges of Rs. 50.00, which will be recovered either from the deposit or will be charged separately at the discretion of library.

Library timings: 
Sunday to Friday: - 9.30 AM to 12.30 PM & 4.30 PM to 8.00 PM
Weekly Off: - Saturday

A yearly list of holidays is displayed in the library in January every year.