We try to provide classic & resourceful literature for all ages in English and Marathi along with periodicals dedicated to specific subjects. The major attraction is the collection of books related to nature & environment. You can also avail home delivery service of books. 

At the time of registration, the member has to pay as per the plan selected, which includes: Registration charges (non-refundable), Security Deposit (refundable) and One month fee.

Thereafter the month will be calculated from 1st day of the succeeding month where the membership fees will have to be paid in advance for a minimum period of three months (one quarter). Yearly fees will have special discount.


Regular members will have free access to reference books. We have special plans (Carvi Bloom and Carvi Classic) for non-members where they can avail reference reading. Reference books will be issued for library reading only and cannot be carried at home.

The fees for Carvi Bloom (Occasional reference reading) will be charged on per seating basis. One seating will be maximum of four hours in a single session. All fees are to be paid in advance, refer the Membership Plan for further details.

Membership Plans


(4 Books) * (For children up to 15 years)
Registration (Non-Refundable) (A) Rs 50.00
Deposit (Refundable) (B) Rs 400.00
OneMonth Fee (C) Rs 75.00
Quarterly Fee (NonRefundable) Rs 225.00
Six Monthly Fee (Non-Refundable) Rs 450.00
Yearly Fee (Non- Refundable) Rs 825.00
Initial Payment (A+B+C) Rs 525.00


(2 Books / Magazines)*
Registration (Non-Refundable) (A) Rs 50.00
Deposit (Refundable) (B) Rs 500.00
OneMonth Fee (C) Rs 100.00
Quarterly Fee (NonRefundable) Rs 300.00
Six Monthly Fee (Non-Refundable) Rs 600.00
Yearly Fee (Non- Refundable) Rs 1100.00
Initial Payment (A+B+C) Rs 650.00


(2 Elders Books / Magazines +   4 Children Books / Magazines) *
Registration (Non-Refundable) (A) Rs 50.00
Deposit (Refundable) (B) Rs 700.00
OneMonth Fee (C) Rs 150.00
Quarterly Fee (NonRefundable) Rs 450.00
Six Monthly Fee (Non-Refundable) Rs 900.00
Yearly Fee (Non- Refundable) Rs 1650.00
Initial Payment (A+B+C) Rs 900.00


(Monthly Reference Reading)
Registration (Non-Refundable) Rs 50.00
Deposit (Refundable) Nil
One Month Fee Rs 300.00


(Occasional Reference Reading)
Registration (Non-Refundable) Rs 50.00
Deposit (Refundable) Nil
Single Session (Max. 4 hrs) Rs 50.00
* The number of books mentioned against each plan indicates carry-away books at a time.

Home Delivery Charges (Optional) :  Rs 50.00 per month extra 

Area of delivery :  Within city limits only. Delivery charges may differ according to area and will be available if there is sufficient number of members in that area.

Bhatkanti Vachan Katta

New Members
Registration Rs 50.00 Non Refundable
Deposit  Rs 500.00 Refundable
FEES : (for Library Visitors) – Non-Refundable
6 Monthly  Rs 600.00 2 Books at a time
Yearly Rs 1000.00 2 Books at a time
FEES : (for Home Delivery) – Non-Refundable
6 Monthly Rs 900.00 2 Books at a time
Yearly Rs  1500.00 2 Books at a time

Rules & Regulations

  • Books should be generally returned within 15 days. Grace period will be allowed upon prior intimation. Late fee will be charged @ Rs 1.00 per day after 30 days. A reminder message / call will be sent to members if the books/fees are overdue for more than a month from the date of issue of the book and/or for overdue fees.
  • Magazines will have to be returned strictly within 8 days, no grace period allowed.
  • Handle books carefully. Do not mark anything on the book. If the book / magazine is torn, damaged or lost the price of book plus penalty of Rs 50.00 will have to be paid by the member.
  • Membership fee, which is charged in advance, will have to be paid within 15 days after the expiry of subscribed period.
  • Reference books are meant for library reading only.
  • At the time of enrollment only one month fee is charged along with Deposit and Registration charges, thereafter membership fees will have to be paid in advance on quarterly, six monthly or yearly basis.
  • In case of home delivery, books will be exchanged fortnightly on predetermined scheduled day of the week according to the area. Members opting for home delivery can change the book in between by personally visiting the library.

  • Additional temporary security deposit will have to paid if the price of the book exceeds Rs 500.00
  • The Library will send sufficient reminders, failing the renewal of the due book/s and/or fees, thereafter the Library reserves the right to cancel the membership and forfeit the deposit of a member if the books are not returned within a reasonable period of time and if due fees are not paid within three months period form the due date unless, otherwise with a valid reason.

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Payment can be done through any payment App such as BHIM, paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe or any other UPI Service.

(Kindly call or SMS details of payment deposited in Bank Account on 94208 91718)