Childrens Book Trust

childrens book trust

The titles comprise of general fiction, science fiction, Indian history/heritage, natural history, travelogue, non-fiction/information, popular science, short stories/humor stories, short plays/dramas, and read-aloud books/picture books. 

Children’s Book Trust (CBT) was founded by the renowned cartoonist Mr. Shankar Pillai in 1957 which was inaugurated by the President of India Dr. S. Radhakrishnan. CBT pioneers in publishing children’s books in India.

childrens book trust

Children’s Book Trust has set for itself an ambitious target to promote the production of well written, well-illustrated and well-designed books for children. In furtherance of this objective, the Trust brings out books that are easy to read and easy on the eyes, including books that enable children to have a better appreciation of India’s cultural heritage.

The prices of the books are kept down to the minimum possible, in fact subsidized, in an effort to bring them within the reach of the average Indian child which was the basic idea of the founder. These books are available with us for sale.